LED mesh screen LM-DX Series

LM-DX LED mesh Screen

LM-DX flexible mesh screen is an innovative product with a brightened video display level, which can not only meet the needs of brightened decoration, but also can be used for text, image, and video playback. It is also a "large pitch" product, with a dot pitch between 35mm and 200mm. It has unparalleled advantages in large-area displays and creative displays above 300m².

DX has the characteristics of high permeability, flexibility, lightness, variety of shapes, and easy installation and maintenance. It can be freely combined into various shapes and is very artistic and creative. The products are widely used in building curtain walls, building exterior walls, building facades, shopping malls, wedding decorations, festivals and other fields.

Model number: DrcoX-1 (1 lamp)

Pitch: 35mm / 40mm / 50mm / 80mm / 100mm / 150mm / 200mm

Installation method: hoisting / fixed installation / 3D display installation

Product VersionLM-DX-25LM-DX-50LM-DX-75LM-DX-100LM-DX-125LM-DX-200
Pixel Pitch(mm)255075100125200
LED Type2727*1  2727*32727*3  2727*62727*62727*62727*62727*6
Pixel Density(pixels/㎡)16004001781006425
Module Pixel 16W*200L16W*100L8W*100L8W*100L4W*200L4W*100L
Module Size(WxHxD)400*5000*24mm800*5000*24mm600*7500*24mm800*10000*24mm500*25000*24mm800*20000*24mm
ControlBox Size(WxHxD)300*220*50mm300*220*50mm300*220*50mm300*220*50mm300*220*50mm300*220*50mm
ControlBox POWER2*600W2*600W2*600W2*600W2*600W1*600W
Weight Unit5g5.5g6g6g6g6g
Power Unit(dot)0.45W  0.72W0.72W  1.5W1.5W1.5W1.5W1.5W
Brightness Unit(dot)2.5CD7.5CD15CD15CD15CD15CD
Color Processing12Bit12Bit12Bit12Bit12Bit12Bit
Colors68.7   billion68.7   billion68.7   billion68.7   billion68.7   billion68.7   billion
Max. Power Consumption800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡
Ave. Power Consumption250W/㎡250W/㎡250W/㎡250W/㎡250W/㎡250W/㎡
InstallationFixed installationFixed installationFixed installationFixed installationFixed installationFixed installation
Serviceabilityfront/rear maintenancefront/rear maintenancefront/rear maintenancefront/rear maintenancefront/rear maintenancefront/rear maintenance
IP RatingIP66IP66IP66IP66IP66IP66
Hor. viewing angle160°160°160°160°160°160°
Vert. viewing angle160°160°160°160°160°160°
Work VoltageDC   7.5VDC   12VDC   24VDC   24VDC   24VDC   24V
Operational Temp-10~40°C-10~40°C-10~40°C-10~40°C-10~40°C-10~40°C
Operational Humidity10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%
Input VoltageAC   100V~240VAC   100V~240VAC   100V~240VAC   100V~240VAC   100V~240VAC   100V~240V
Product Life100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours100,000 hours

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