Transparent LED Curtain Display LM-PX Series

Curtain wall LED transparent screen Series

LM-PX series are products used in the field of glass curtain walls. Break through the penetration rate of more than 85%, reduce the line of sight blocking, so as to better realize the "stealth" combined with glass. The highlight of 6500CD also has a clear visual experience when viewed outdoors during the day. In terms of maintenance, it supports the disassembly of a single light bar, so that it can be repaired and replaced very quickly. The external dimensions can be customized according to project requirements to meet the needs of special projects.

Installation method: fixed installation

Cabinet size: 1500×1000mm (color, shape and size can be customized)

Application areas: glass curtain wall, sky curtain, glass plank road, indoor commercial space, etc.


Modern glass curtain walls have complex structures and different sizes. 

Standardized cabinets cannot meet the actual needs of the project. LianmanLED 

can customize the best product solutions according to the actual situation, 

develop and design diversified product structures, and better match the glass 

curtain walls. Fusion, while ensuring the most stable performance, realize the 

transparency and integrity of the transparent screen display effect

Indoor installation, outdoor viewing

Compared with conventional screens, it is easier to maintain, safer, and the ad approval 

process is more relaxed, even without approval.

1. Side-emitting packaging technology, LED is small in size, breaking through the limitations of traditional transparent screen permeability, up to more than 90%

2. Proprietary video on transparent screen, the transparent part of the LED does not emit 

light during playback, which saves more than 30% of energy compared with conventional 


Fast maintenance

The light bar adopts a unique plug-in process, and a single light bar can be disassembled independently and can be replaced directly.

It greatly reduces the time and cost of maintenance, and avoids the inconvenience of disassembling modules for maintenance of traditional fixed transparent screens.

Realize the humanized fast and accurate maintenance mode.

Product VersionLM-PX-3.91LM-PX-10.4LM-PX-15.625
Pixel Pitch3.91*7.81mm10.4mm15.625mm
LED Type351035103510
Pixel Density(pixels/㎡)3274792464096
Brightness Level256256256
Refresh Rate3840 Hz3840 Hz3840 Hz
Color Processing14Bit14Bit14Bit
Max. Power Consumption800W/㎡800W/㎡800W/㎡
Ave. Power Consumption250W/㎡250W/㎡250W/㎡
InstallationFixed installation or hoisting or base installationFixed installation or hoisting or base installationFixed installation or hoisting or base installation
IP RatingIP30IP30IP30
Hor. viewing angle140°140°140°
Vert. viewing angle140°140°140°
Work VoltageDC 5V&12VDC 5V&12VDC 5V&12V
Operational Temp-10~40°C-10~40°C-10~40°C
Operational Humidity10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%
Input VoltageAC 100V~240VAC 100V~240VAC 100V~240V
Product Life

100,000 hours

100,000 hours

100,000 hours

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