LyraX transparent LED Film Screen

LyraX Transparent LED Film Screen

LyraX series LED film screen is a high-end product that breaks the conventional LED display. Using specific bare chips, the components are fixed on a high-transmitting PCB board, and the display module is integrated into a high-transmitting optical lens substrate with a minimum thickness of 1~3mm with a minimum thickness of 1~3mm.

 Product VersionLyraX-2.78LyraX-3.97LyraX-9.26
 Pixel Pitch(mm)2.78*5.56mm3.97*7.81mm9.26*9.26mm
 LED Type2020/19212020/19212020/1921
 Pixel Density(pixels/㎡)648001612811664
 Module Size(WxH)(mm)715*125mm/500*125mm715*125mm/500*125mm715*125mm/500*125mm
 Tile Size(WxHxD)(mm)715*500*10mm715*500*10mm715*500*10mm
 Tile MaterialPCPCPC
 Brightness Level256256256
 Refresh Rate1920    Hz/3840 Hz1920    Hz/3840 Hz1920    Hz/3840 Hz
 Color Processing16Bit16Bit16Bit
 Colors281    trillion281 trillion281    trillion
 DrivingConstant current driveConstant current driveConstant current drive
 Max. Power Consumption400W/㎡    / 800W/㎡400W/㎡    / 800W/㎡400W/㎡    / 800W/㎡
 Ave. Power Consumption120W/㎡    / 250W/㎡120W/㎡    / 250W/㎡120W/㎡    / 250W/㎡
 InstallationSuction cup or film or fixed installationSuction cup or film or fixed installationSuction cup or film or fixed installation
 ServiceabilityFront/rear maintenanceFront/rear maintenanceFront/rear maintenance
 IP RatingIP40IP40IP40
 Hor. viewing angle160°160°160°
 Vert. viewing angle160°160°160°
 Work VoltageDC    24V&5VDC 24V&5VDC    24V&5V
 Operational Temp-10~40 ℃-10~40 ℃-10~40 ℃
 Operational Humidity10%-90%10%-90%10%-90%
 Input VoltageAC    100V~240VAC 100V~240VAC    100V~240V
 Product Life100000 hours100000 hours100000 hours

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