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Why Transparent LED Display is more and more popular in auto show?
2018-11-08 联曼光电

Auto Show is a led display rental industry occupies a large share of the market segment, and belongs to more high-end applications. Through the display as the background, the scene close-up lens, the wonderful picture and the background construction, combined with the scene of music, for the audience to bring a actually magnificent visual feast. With the continuous development of led display technology, transparent led display with its lightness and dexterity, permeating the beauty of the air emerged in the major car shows. So, what are the requirements for using the transparent led display at the auto show?

First, high contrast.

Due to the close viewing distance and long time, transparent led display should not be too bright, and the color and uniformity of the screen surface is very important. At the same time, the ambient light of the auto exhibition is more complex, so it is necessary to have anti-glare design. However, because transparent led display screen is composed of lattice, the face color of led lamp and welding defects will affect the visual effect. This congenital defect can be solved by using black lights and black masks.

Second, high refresh

In the face of media cameras and cameras, if the theme luxury car is handsome, but because the transparent led display on the booth refresh rate, brightness, gray level and other indicators do not meet the standard, the photo because of water ripple or mohr pattern, This will be a negative impact on the brand. Therefore, high-end car brand choice of  transparent led display refresh rate above 2000hz. At the same time, the video broadcast at the auto show has its particularity. In order to reflect the good performance of the car, car brands often appear some monocolor lenses, such as mountain waterways, and sometimes switch shots quickly and slowly, transparent led display is required to have a high degree of color reduction, no delay in rendering the image, and no drag-and-shadow phenomenon.



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